Bernadette Kelly

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About Bernadette

Bernadette lives in country VictoriaBernadette Kelly shares her home in country Victoria with two children, seven horses, a dog and a cat.

Bernadette's passion is horsesBernadette's passion is her horses. She likes to have a go at all kinds of riding competitions, from Navigation rides, to showjumping and one-day-events, but she has the most fun when she’s just out trail riding with her children and just being around her horses—even when she’s not riding. She has been a District Commissioner at her children’s pony club and likes to see the kids at pony club having fun on their ponies.

Bernadette loves reading, watching movies and dreaming up new ideas for storiesBernadette has written heaps of children’’s books, as well as newspaper articles and theatre reviews. She has worked as a freelance editor, a literacy and numeracy tutor, and she has taught creative writing workshops in schools.

After horses, she loves reading, watching movies, and dreaming up new ideas for stories.