About Me - Bernadette Kelly
Australian Children's Book Author

I'm an internationally published author of Junior novels, illustrated chapter books, early readers and educational non-fiction information books.

My two series, Riding High, and Pony Patch, have been published in Australia, the United Kingdom, The United States and Europe.

I have an interest in horses, but I also love reading and writing about all kinds of subjects. My writing takes me to lots of places, both in the real world and in my imagination. I love that I'm always learning something new about the world.

I live on a small farm in regional Victoria with a Kelpie dog and two horses.

Apart from writing, reading, and learning new things, I love to travel to new places, especially when I can see them from the back of a horse, my favorite mode of transport.

This picture was taken after a wet, muddy gallop in the beautiful coastal Camargue region of France. The ride was so much fun that afterwards I just could not stop smiling.